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    The Obama administration has faked the census numbers that are used to compile unemployment statistics.  Government stats are now no more believable than anything you […]

  • America The Start Up
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    America is a startup country.  When it was first envisioned, it was an experiment.  It’s still an experiment and we tinker with it all the […]

  • Washington DC: It’s A Scandal Sheet
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    In the last presidency, liberals were outraged because George Bush was in the White House.  They felt that he was illegitimate, and the Supreme Court […]

  • Breakfast Links
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    Great day in Austin yesterday.  Wound up at The Continental Club.  Thought parts of it were a Quentin Tarantino movie. Two Tons of Steel-Saw them […]

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    It’s Fat Tuesday!! Neither of these guys should be approved for the roles they were appointed to. Seismic activity in North Korea–>they may have exploded […]

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    Had to put that in there!! Go ILLINI Today is Technori Pitch at the Auto Show. Thanks to Jeff Teare from UBS, I will be […]

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    3 State Department officials resign over Benghazi.  Hillary still dehydrated.  Needs a drink of water. Assault weapons ban. Information about the AR-15 rifle. Judge Robert […]

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    They are auctioning off a Ferrari for Hurricane Sandy. Gay bar or Steak House?  Heh. FX swaps exempt from Dodd-Frank.  We ought to exempt everyone […]

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    When your life seems to be going nowhere. This must be the worst restaurant review in history. Get a job by sharing your worst failure […]

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    General Petraeus resigns from the CIA due to an affair.  Admirable that he took the responsibility to resign.  But, why hasn’t Jesse Jackson Jr resigned? […]

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    If you didn’t set your clocks back, remember you gained an hour.  Go back to bed. If you are in the path of Hurricane Sandy […]

  • MF Global, One Year Later. No One Charged
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    It’s been a year since MF Global’s debacle was revealed to the broader marketplace.  The hubris of Jon Corzine is amazing.  The fact that he […]

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    Both candidates are watching Twitter. Crazy Barry’s How to turn a huge problem into a business. Fast and furious over Benghazi Rest assured, we were […]