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GDP at over 5%

Sounds like we are knocking the cover off the ball.  But we aren’t. The GDP numbers are distorted by quite a few things.  First, since the financial crisis scared everyone half to death, companies stopped building inventory.  Yesterday, at Dennis …

State of the Union-during

I have not heard a more boring SOTU speech in a long time. At least with Bush you could count on some malaprops and mispronunciations. Clinton was funnier. Reagan inspiring. This so far is a yawn. Nothing earth shattering.

Fresh Start

I moved all the old stuff over from the other blog. I included as many comments as I could, but moved them bulk.  Sorry about that. I posted today about the State of the Union, and you will have to …

State of the Union

The Big Man is speaking tomorrow night.  As a trader, we generally don’t care what the President says.  Rarely does anything ever come out of a State of the Union address.  We tend to pay more attention to Federal Reserve …

Technical difficulties

I changed my host from a free server to a paid server.  If you can’t find old posts or comments, I am working on transferring them over.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

The President and Bernanke

Obama went into the White House with a lot of promise.  Running as a centrist when his entire career was spent on the far left wing, he rode a financial crisis into the office of President.  His opponent, John McCain …