• Network Theory and Ebola
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    One of the trends sweeping through our world today is “Networks Beat Hierarchy” and another is “Everyone a Node on a Network”. Here is a […]

  • Want to Start A Movement? Want to Change The World? Here is How
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    As an old trader, I get pretty good at pattern recognition.  Sometimes I am wrong.  Confirmation bias may seep in, or I may not be […]

  • What Stops The Music?
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    The stock market has been going up for the last five years.  Sure, there have been some pullbacks, but this market feels like the 1996-2000 […]

  • University of California Plans $250M VC Fund
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    The University of California is launching what they would see as small, but a Midwesterner would see as large VC fund.  The fund will invest […]

  • Startup Investing, Is it For You?
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    Legendary venture capitalist Bill Gurley gave a great interview to the Wall Street Journal on startup investing.  He made lots of great points.  One that […]

  • Chicago Booth’s Cliff Asness Talks About His Journey and Efficient Markets
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    Last evening I was at a Chicago Booth alumni event here in NYC.  AQR’s Cliff Asness was the speaker.   Asness has a PhD from […]

  • The Gov. Pat Quinn Minimum Wage Challenge
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    Illinois governor Pat Quinn is taking the minimum wage challenge this week.  The governor calculates Illinois minimum wage workers only net $79 to be able […]

  • The Big Bubble
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    Is there are bubble in asset values? It depends on how you frame the problem, timing, and it also depends on which version of finance […]

  • The Time is Now in The Midwest
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    The old saying is, “There is no time like the present.”, and that certainly fits for the Midwest today.  I dislike the idea of “the […]

  • Social Media Enables Small Business To Compete
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    Unfortunately, I am missing a lot of Lollapalooza this weekend.  I was also supposed to ride in a 100km bike ride that I am not […]

  • Network Would Beat Hierarchy in Finance
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    When the “internet happens” in an industry, it’s really interesting to look at the fall out.  Usually quite a few things happen at the same […]

  • How Building a Startup and Building A Trading Operation Are Similar
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    One of the things that is certain, in trading you cannot beat the market.  In angel investing, or in starting a company you cannot pick […]

  • YCharts Makes You Smarter
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    YCharts started out in the depths of the financial crisis.  They are based in Chicago, and have offices in New York City as well.  Shawn […]

  • Should Startups Pay Attention to MacroEconomics?
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    MacroEconomics can be boring.  The measurements for them are also pretty messy.  There are lots of worries with running a startup company.  Two of the […]

  • Are Startup Valuations and Internet Stocks Bubblicious?
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    Mary Meeker did a presentation last week and talked about a lot of trends when it came to startups.  She does it every year for […]

  • Where is The Puck Going? The Uberification of Everything
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    Wayne Gretzky used to tell people,  “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”  We know what finance […]

  • It Wasn’t A Financial Crisis; It Was A Systemic Run
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    Blockbuster paper released by Professor John Cochrane yesterday.  It’s on the financial crisis.  In January of 2009, I saw a panel discussion at the University […]

  • Electronic Systems Do Fail
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    Yesterday $CME’s electronic trading system shut down because of some glitch.  This happens from time to time in electronic systems.  No matter what programmers do, […]