• Network Would Beat Hierarchy in Finance
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    When the “internet happens” in an industry, it’s really interesting to look at the fall out.  Usually quite a few things happen at the same […]

  • How Building a Startup and Building A Trading Operation Are Similar
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    One of the things that is certain, in trading you cannot beat the market.  In angel investing, or in starting a company you cannot pick […]

  • YCharts Makes You Smarter
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    YCharts started out in the depths of the financial crisis.  They are based in Chicago, and have offices in New York City as well.  Shawn […]

  • Should Startups Pay Attention to MacroEconomics?
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    MacroEconomics can be boring.  The measurements for them are also pretty messy.  There are lots of worries with running a startup company.  Two of the […]

  • Are Startup Valuations and Internet Stocks Bubblicious?
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    Mary Meeker did a presentation last week and talked about a lot of trends when it came to startups.  She does it every year for […]

  • Where is The Puck Going? The Uberification of Everything
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    Wayne Gretzky used to tell people,  “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”  We know what finance […]

  • It Wasn’t A Financial Crisis; It Was A Systemic Run
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    Blockbuster paper released by Professor John Cochrane yesterday.  It’s on the financial crisis.  In January of 2009, I saw a panel discussion at the University […]

  • Electronic Systems Do Fail
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    Yesterday $CME’s electronic trading system shut down because of some glitch.  This happens from time to time in electronic systems.  No matter what programmers do, […]

  • Does It Affect You? If You Believe in Free Market Capitalism It Does
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    Today on CNBC, a guest said HFT doesn’t affect long term investors.  He said that they should be “all in” when it comes to stocks […]

  • Professor Says We Should Slow Down HFT
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    Professor Eric Budesh at the University of Chicago has run a study on high speed trading.  In the study, he found that HFT doesn’t add […]

  • Why Do We Have Stock Buybacks?
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    Last year, companies re-purchased stock in large numbers as reported in the Wall Street Journal.  It is not at the record 2007 pace, but the […]

  • Who’s Looking Out for the Little Guy?
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    Steve Zwick wrote a nice article in Futures Magazine.  Here is the link to the entire article.  I would suggest reading the whole thing.  It […]

  • Should Your Startup Be A Corporation or LLC?
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    One debate that startups constantly have is how to legally organize themselves.  The two basic types of legal entities are a corporate structure, or an […]

  • Twitter and Blogs, Best Place for Investment Ideas
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    Ironic.  Today I saw this story tweeted out; “Blogs, Twitter Becoming More Important Source Of Investment Ideas”.  Yesterday, I agreed to be a part of a […]

  • The Mt. Gox BlowUp, and Predictable Responses
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    Been offline moving for a bit.  Finally got internet back.  In the ensuing day, the Mt. Gox exchange blew up.  This shouldn’t be a surprise. […]

  • ICE Chief Takes Lead On Market Reform
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    One of the reasons I started this blog in 2010 was because I thought that the general public was pretty misinformed when it came to […]

  • What We Will See In The Future
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    Been reading around the web about the WhatsApp purchase by Facebook.  WhatsApp had one investor, Sequoia.  The VC only owned 20% of the company based […]

  • Getting Stock Market News Efficiently
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    One of the tougher pain points when investing is trying to get and assemble news about single stocks you have money in.  When you are […]