Congrats to the Philly Fans

As a Cubs fan, I get it.  As a Blackhawks fan, I get it. The Eagles had never won a Super Bowl.  They hadn’t won a championship in football since 1960. CNBC’s Jim Cramer is a huge Eagles fan. Philly has won a World Series since the turn of the century but hasn’t won an NBA Championship since 1983  or Stanley Cup since 1975.

VC Marc Suster, long-suffering Eagles fan.

What’s really amazing is they did it with their second string QB. His own personal story is a story of never quit, never say die and mental toughness. Championships are so random. It’s awfully hard to repeat. Teams look dominant when we look back at them but the reality is they were one injury, a few plays away from not being champions. Ask the Buffalo Bills.    Even yesterday, who didn’t think the Patriots were capable of pulling off a miracle on the last drive?

Can other North American pro sports teams bust their droughts? If you exclude expansion franchises, here are the longest droughts. I included old AFL teams since they had their own champion until the first Super Bowl in 1967. The two leagues were fully integrated in 1970.  A lot of it is due to mismanagement of the franchise.  Ask Chicago Bear fans.  In the NFL it’s hard to create staying power but because the team is so big once you have it you can hang around and compete for a few years. The one thing to remember is in football it’s always been about the quarterback.  Even in the 1950’s, the greatest quarterbacks won.  You can win once with a middling QB, but the team won’t have staying power.

However, some of the championship droughts can be attributed to the economics of the league.  Look at the dominant teams in Major League Baseball in the 1970s.  Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Oakland, Baltimore all were powerhouses back then.  Today they can’t afford it.  The NBA seems watered down a bit.  It’s easy to create super teams and because you have fewer players it only takes having one or two dominant ones to create a dynasty.  The NHL salary cap rules force teams to get rid of good players.  Look at the Chicago Blackhawks.  They talk about keeping the core together, and then they make crafty moves at trading deadlines to get what they need to win.

Arizona Cardinals who were originally the Chicago Cardinals 71 years
Detroit Lions 61 Years
Tennesee Titans (orig Houston Oilers) 57 Years
San Diego Chargers 55 Years
Buffalo Bills 52 Years (so close four times)
Cleveland Browns 50 Years
Minnesota Vikings 52 Years (so close four times)
New York Jets 49 Years
Kansas City Chiefs 48 Years

69 Cleveland Indians (close twice)
57 Texas Rangers Never (franchise began 1961)
49 Milwaukee Brewers Never (franchise began 1969)
49 San Diego Padres Never (franchise began 1969)
49 Washington Nationals Never (franchise began 1969)
41 Seattle Mariners Never (franchise began 1977)
38 Pittsburgh Pirates
34 Baltimore Orioles
33 Detroit Tigers
31 New York Mets

66 Sacramento Kings (orig Rochester Royals)
59 Atlanta Hawks (orig the St. Louis Hawks)
49 Phoenix Suns Never
47 Los Angeles Clippers Never
46 Milwaukee Bucks (since Jabbar and the Big O)
44 New York Knicks (I can’t believe the Knicks only won one title in my lifetime)
43 Utah Jazz
41 Denver Nuggets
41 Brooklyn Nets
41 Indiana Pacers
40 Portland Trail Blazers
39 Washington Wizards (orig the Washington Bullets)
38 Oklahoma City Thunder (orig the Seattle Supersonics)
34 Philadelphia 76ers

Toronto Maple Leafs 49 seasons
St. Louis Blues never 49 seasons
Buffalo Sabres never 46 seasons
Vancouver Canucks never 46 seasons
Washington Capitals never 42 seasons
Philadelphia Flyers 41 seasons
Arizona Coyotes never 37 seasons
New York Islanders 33 seasons

Philly fans enjoy it!