Strategy is Long Term Conjecture; Execution is Being In The Moment

There is a lot of talk about being present these days. Being present is about accepting situations as they are. We can control our thoughts. We can control our feelings. We can control our reactions to situations. Many times, we can’t control the situation.

For example yesterday I planned my trip from Las Vegas to LA. I strategized about what time to leave in order to give me the best chance of missing traffic. I strategized the route I would take. However, once I left I had to totally be in the moment. The speed of traffic, the volume of traffic, the weather, the condition of the road was totally out of my control. I couldn’t control the actions of other drivers.

Running a startup is similar. You strategize and project what you think will happen. However, the startups that win execute like crazy. You do that by being present and in the moment. Speculating on the future is counterproductive.

It is what it is.