America is Different

We are driving from Chicago to California. Our first stop is in LA. Our daughter lives there. Then we head up to northern California for a month. The American West occupies a unique niche in the culture of America. It almost seems as if we are born with the “Go West young man” ethos. It’s one of the things that make America such an entrepreneurial juggernaut.

It is different here. There is a reason people left and continue to leave Europe, the Southern Hemisphere, Africa and Asia to come here.

I really believe strongly that America should stay different. That means often we will be out of step with seeing things the way the rest of the world sees things. I think you see that at the United Nations consistently. The rest of the world would like America to be in a box. America will never be in a box. It’s just not in our nature.

Other places in the world have tremendous physical beauty. They have a tremendous culture that we can draw from, learn from and respect. What’s different is how it becomes synthesized through the American ethos. That’s when you see the true beauty of it. We were born out of the ideas of Adam Smith, John Locke, the ancient Greeks and the Romans. We learned from the failures of the Greeks and Romans and made it better. Alexander de Tocqueville saw how we were different and we remain singular. We are the round peg in the square hole.

I thought I would share this video I took when we stopped at Kolob Canyon in Zion National Park for sunset yesterday. What a beautiful place. Breathtaking.

Kolob Canyon Zion Utah

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And one in the same spot about 20min later.

Just about 20 min later

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Then we drove to Vegas and got a hotel room for super cheap. Isn’t capitalistic competition great!