Driving to Cali

We started driving to California yesterday.  We are there for a month.  We got a late start. For some reason our car always seems to go on the fritz before a big trip.

We left Chicago at around 11.   Made it to just short of Denver.  Today we are going to make it to Vegas.

We wanted to have our car in California. I didn’t want to fly and rent one. I can bring more of my own stuff and if I find something cool it’s easier to bring it back.

The drive from Illinois to Denver is mundane.  Iowa is actually a little more rolling than flat.  Nebraska is flat. Illinois is flat.  Colorado before Denver is flat.

I had a teacher once that grew up in Nebraska.  The joke was if you were going to park in your car and neck with a date you’d have to drive past Denver to get behind a hill so Daddy didn’t see you.

I like the drive.  Approaching the mountains bid always breathtaking.

I am hoping to stop along the way in southern Utah and just enjoy the beauty of the red rocks.