The Cold

Most of the nation has been in a deep freeze.  No surprise and I don’t want to whine about it or get into a “global warming” debate.  I find it odd that news organizations are being so dramatic about weather.  When I was growing up in Chicago we always knew in November it would get cold and in April it would thaw.  This is not rocket science.

However, this particular blast of arctic cold has been the longest in five decades.  I am 55.  1967 was the last time.  I am hoping we don’t get a snow like we did in 1967.  Here is a photo of downtown. A person I played football with in high school had his father die in that blizzard.

I was shovelling and driving in it by the time we got the Blizzard of 79. We got so much snow it was piled as high as the basketball hoop in our driveway. That one snowstorm changed the mayor’s race in Chicago. Of course, there was a lot of snow in both 1977 and 1978, but 1979 was ginourmous.

We always seem to get one big snow every so often. It’s the Midwest. It snows. We deal with it.

Up where our cabin is in Grand Marais, MN it is -20 to -30 ambient temp! I was reading the local Cook County News and they still had the trout fishing opener. Not sure I’d be wetting a line in weather like that.

This year, we haven’t had a lot of snow yet. It’s so cold rats are dying which is a good thing. In Florida, iguanas are freezing and falling from trees. They are an invasive species there so it’s not a bad thing. Wonder if it’s killing anacondas?

I finally had enough. I am going to God’s Waiting Room for a couple of days next week. My wife and I had already planned to leave in February. We will be spending the month in California. I’ll be in Los Angeles in late January, and in Silicon Valley and San Francisco for all of February. The last few years we have gotten away in the winter. One year we did Orange County. Another year we did Austin, TX. If Daniel Biss becomes governor of Illinois, we will make it permanent.

  • Dan Kunze

    I truly enjoy Spring, Summer and Fall in the Midwest. I have about another 10 years or so working. That will be 40 years killing myself and that is enough. The wife and I will be snowbirds for sure. Likely to the Carolinas. I wouldn’t mind a small place in Reno too as I love the hiking out there.

    • brother in law moved to Reno from Alaska. likes it so far.