A Pitfall of Fundraising

If you don’t know, it’s really hard to raise a new VC fund.  One thing that happens when you raise is you get contacted by “brokers”.  These brokers don’t have the interest of the general partners at all.  They’ll give you a call or email you and tell you some song and dance about how many family offices they work with.  They will go on to tell you about all the fancy conferences they have and that they will put your fund in front of hand-selected family offices and do everything but guaranteed those offices will invest.

Then, they tell you the cost of those services.  It’s usually around $40K minimum.  Sometimes, it’s pay for a family office conference at some club.  The cost is minimum $2500.

I have never met a fund manager that has raised any real money from one of those events for an early stage small venture capital fund.  Real estate fund, maybe.  A hedge fund, maybe.

Problem is it sounds so tempting.  But, the big experienced venture capitalists I talk to say stay away.