The Black Friday

Americans will go out and shop for Christmas today.  Always interesting to me.  A mosque in Egypt was attacked and 85 people are dead.  The war on terror never stops.  I really detest those bastards.  I usually traded on this day.  We’d sit on the floor and hope some business came our way or we’d monitor our positions.  Sometimes, the day before and after a holiday was great because no one else was there but I digress.

I am curious where people are shopping this year.  It’s supposedly a make or break for operators like Macy’s.  If they don’t have a good season they will curtail a lot of their operations.  I understand that they wanted to build a nationwide brand by extinguishing local brands but they did it at a time when being local was a strong trend.  People I know might go out, but instead of fighting crowds and for parking they will do a lot online.

If you shop on the web, where do you shop?  In the past year, I have seen a lot of smaller brands make a big impression particularly shoes.  In my family times have changed.  Christmas is more about getting together than it is the gifts.  Back when our kids became old enough, instead of a present we’d take a trip somewhere cool.  Given how busy everyone is, that’s gone by the wayside too.

I will be driving home from Detroit and not shopping.