Avoid The Perception, or Temptation of Any Impropriety. Get Deskpass!

The tally of sexual harassment offenders that have been outed in the past few months is too long to name.  High profile journalists, venture capitalists, businessmen, and politicians all have been implicated.  I am sort of surprised we haven’t seen anything in reverse where a powerful woman does something to a man.  When I was in college I had it happen to me once.  I put an end to it.  Had a male teacher in high school do the same thing.  Not cool.

I don’t want to go into the tawdry details.  As a father of daughters, I am shocked it still goes on.  A friend of mine was at a business conference last week and a potential customer shook her hand with a room key in it.  When it dropped to the floor he said, “Just joking.”  Screw him.  No joke. My wife had a couple of issues back in the 1980’s. She shouldn’t have but times have changed.

People made fun of Vice President Pence when he said he would not meet a woman alone and he always brought his wife.  Now we see he isn’t that far off the beaten path.  He was made fun of by the left wing press.  They even said he was hurting women by not dining with them alone.  You never want to put yourself in a position where it can even be assumed there is a chance of sexual harassment.  It looks like if you dined alone with a few of these guys, dinner wasn’t what was on the table.

Men are going to have to meet women solo.  It’s not 1950 anymore.  Or 1970.  Happily, women are an integral part of the workforce today.

However, never meet in a hotel room.  Never meet in a hotel lobby.  Coffee shops suck for business meetings.  There is an answer. Deskpass.  Deskpass allows you the freedom to find a place to meet that’s businesslike and in public.

If I were a female, I’d sign up for sure.  Why take the risk of having to meet someone you might not know very well in a place that will make you feel uncomfortable?  Deskpass also empowers a female to set the terms of where they will meet.  If a guy refuses to meet at a co-working space and insists on a hotel, I got news for you. They probably don’t want to meet for business.

For guys, why be stupid?  Don’t take meetings in a hotel room.  How dumb is that?  I have done meetings with other guys in a hotel room and didn’t like it.  Be professional.  Get a spot in a co-work space.  Utilize the hundreds of spaces on Deskpass.  For a low monthly fee, you will stay away from any potential impropriety.

If I were a corporation, I’d encourage all my employees that travelled and had meetings to sign up.  Deskpass is far cheaper than the first lawsuit, not to mention the embarrassment for the company.  Sam can help you out.