If You Are Selling, You Have to Integrate Cold Calling Into Your Day

One of the interesting things I have noticed about our new high tech generation is the lack of urgency to cold call when it comes to selling.   We like to sit behind our screen and do research on people hoping to find some sort of long lost connection.  Warm introductions are nice.  Testimonials are nice.  If you are going to grow your business you cannot be afraid to cold call.

Too often, we think of cold calling as a snake oil salesperson in a bad suit selling something to someone that they don’t need.  That’s not the case.

The cold sales call is one of the most intimidating things a person can do.  There is no guarantee anything will work out. It can turn into a very clumsy conversation.  It leads to a lot of rejection in some cases.  However, if you believe in your product then you are actually doing the customer a huge favor by introducing them to it.

The first thing to do is get over your fear.  No one is going to magically go out and tell the world about you.  All the Facebook ads in the world aren’t going to get people to beat a path to your door.  Cold calling cuts through all the noise.  When you do it well the person on the other end loves you since they are bombarded all the time by a lot of meaningless information that distracts them from their daily tasks. Your cold call becomes their golden nugget.

Before you cold call, prepare and rehearse.  This is just the simple art of conversation.  You might even write out the script.  Remember, as you start, go back an alter the script based on information you are receiving from customers.  Integrate the feedback into the next call.  It will help you stave off objections and get you into the meat of your pitch.

If your organization uses the Predictable Revenue sales model, at least 25%-75% of all the calls should be cold calls depending on your business.  The team that is generating qualified leads for the closer has to be cold calling every day.  It could be as simple as picking up the phone, dialing, asking a few qualifying questions and then setting up a meeting for the closer.

This is not rocket science.  It’s hard work.  Businesses that do this well survive.  Ones that don’t die.

Here is a video on cold calling that might be useful.

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  1. The most hated experience for any household is the cold call. Voice messaging and caller ID have effectively blocked these calls.

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