Presentation to NAR

This past week I gave a presentation to the National Association of Realtors in Chicago. Thanks to Erin Stackley for giving me the opportunity to interact with them.  If you follow venture closely, some of the themes won’t be new to you. If you don’t, they might be. I find sometimes when you don’t follow something and hear it for the first time and reflect it becomes obvious.

Commercial Real Estate has not embraced technological processes to get business done. Megalytics is changing the way CRE people analyze, manage, and look at risk.  Other companies are invading the space.  I am a seed investor in Truss which is automating smaller CRE transactions.  I am also a seed investor in Deskpass which is targeting co-working.

Thanks to our analyst Tom Tishbey who helped with this presentation.  Thanks also to my partner Kenny who gave me some input and entrepreneurs Donna, Hank, Jordan, Sam and Bob for giving me some great input.