Can You Do Me a Favor? Please Send This Boy A Card for Christmas

I don’t care what religion you are, or if you even believe in God or any other Supreme Being. Can you send this 9 year old boy with terminal cancer a Christmas card?  Jacob has a Go Fund Me page up.  Here is some of the text from the Go Fund Me page.

On October 11, 2017, Jacob was admitted to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital for the last time. Jacob’s Neuroblastoma has spread to his head- namely the sinuses, the bottom of the skull, several spots in the small bones in the inner ear and several spots on the membrane between the skull and brain. We started radiation a week prior and Jacob’s condition got worse and he was having no success with oral pain meds.

On on the Monday the 10th, we started chemotherapy in conjunction with the radiation and by Wednesday the doctors were concerned that there was no significant reduction of pain and decided to admit Jacob. Since then we have learned that his hip is extremely peppered by tumors, which was described as looking like lace. This obviously has added to the pain and more importantly with his ability to walk and move around.

With that being said, his father, Roger and myself have been told that we should be spending as much time as possible with him and we should start making arrangements for his passing. It is expected Jacob may pass away within the month.

All he wants is a Christmas card.  I’d love to see his room filled to the gills with cards.  Help me make that happen.

Jacob Thompson

C/O Maine Medical Center

22 Bramhall St

Portland, ME 04102

I have been lucky to be blessed with two healthy children.  It always brings a tear to my eyes when I read things like this.  I just love this kid’s smile, and all he wants is a card.  Damn, cancer is a bitch.

Last night I was at mHub messing around with a computerized woodworking machine. I told Brad Schnitzer about Jacob. Check out what he made.