Where The Puck Is Going With Big Data


My friend Phil Coover has a podcast called “Real Estate for Breakfast”.  Recently Megalytics one of West Loop Ventures portfolio companies was on the show.  Here is a link.  If you know someone in commercial real estate, send them a link to the podcast. They will thank you later.

I think you will get a lot out of it and see where the puck is going in areas besides just commercial real estate where Donna and the team concentrate their effort.

Data analytics is everywhere. The commercial real estate industry is ultra-competitive and companies are looking for any sort of edge. Megalytics is a Chicago based tech company providing data analytic services to the commercial real estate industry.  They discuss the value of utilizing big data, the trend of data being applied to various industries, and specific applications to the commercial real estate industry. Megalytics has proprietary software which assimilates data from over 300 sources and scores prospective commercial tenants to help property owners determine the tenant’s ability to meet financial obligations.

Phil says, “Megalytics is an impressive Chicago based start-up that enables timely, effective investment and management decisions through an automated platform that integrates large and disparate data sources and proprietary algorithms and scoring models to help standardize due diligence and risk assessment processes. The founder, Donna Salvatore, has a 37-year track record for successful launching and growing new businesses in data analytics and technology, with 22 years as CEO of a number of different SaaS/IT companies. Before founding Megalytics, she was Group CEO of Techniche (Australia) managing a global portfolio of IT Companies located in the UK, Germany and Australia as well as doing M&A work. Prior to that she was the CEO of an early stage health care company in healthcare population management and medical homes. Prior to that she was CEO of an artificial intelligence/knowledge management company with a focus on CRM.”

We love Donna and the team and love what they are doing too.  They have a lot of potential.


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