February Get Away

My wife and I are empty nesters.  We like to get away from the Chicago winters for a bit. It’s good to get away to get a different perspective.  One year, we went to Orange County.  Liked it.  Really wanted to try surfing and next time I go I will.  One year, we went to Austin, Texas.  It was fun and I learned that La BBQ is the best beef barbeque in the entire world.

This year we are headed to the Bay Area of California for a month.  We are splitting our time between Silicon Valley and San Francisco.  Still looking for a place to rent in SF that is within our budget.  We are going to drive out and drive back.  We need a car when we are there.  We will check the snow report before we take off.  If the northern route looks good we will go that way.  Otherwise, it will be the southern route.

We have spent some time out there.  Where is the one spot you’d say we have to try and eat at, or the one thing we should try and do?

  • Dan Kunze

    It is boring and touristy but I LOVE dim sum in Chinatown. It is fun to share and try all the different stuff on the table. Those with any type of food allergies need not apply.

    Also if you are into fitness I would recommend a nice run through the Presidio and then you can follow a trail and go back and forth across the Golden Gate Bridge. A run you will never forget.

  • CliffElam

    Get up in the Redwoods – really nothing else like that this side of NZ.

    Walk across the Golden Gate bridge – the view is spectacular, even in the traffic is noisome.
    When you’re there, you can kind of take a left and go up the trail up into Muir beach – it’s a long hike but tots gorgeous. Take an Uber home probably.

    Marin is nice, but the wife liked it better than I did.

    Have coffee Sunday morning on/around Sand Hill road and watch the VC’s riding $14K bikes. I always prayed for pileups, but I’m a NASCAR guy….

    I will say that after ~13 years commuting to Oracle from the other coast I’m totally convinced that with Yelp one never need pay more than $ for excellent food outside the city.



    • hahaha. 14k bikes. Seen a few of those, I guess my vintage Trek 5500 won’t measure up

      • CliffElam

        There is always one iron hard old guy on a POS bike just rolling with the pack.

        That’s never me.


  • Terroir in SF is the only really great natural wine bar in town.

    Little is as wonderful as waking up to the fog horns in the Marina at dawn and riding your bike across the bridge to Marin then taking a ferry back.

    Spent years living in SJ, SM, PA and SF.
    Rediscovered it recently and returning every other month on my west coast swings.


    • Terroir is a definite must go. Thank you for the tip.

      • When you know where you are staying I will share more.

        Obviously you need to connect with VCs in both north and south bay.

        Honestly I am closest to the Marina Cow Hollow areas as that is where my heart is.

        There is a little win bar on Chestnut that is a scene every Sunday nite for the locals. I’m up there 12/3 and I’ll be there for drinks and doing small plates as the asian fusion spot around the corner.


        That is where I got started, raised my kid and grew up in the industry.

        • Pointsandfigures

          Staying in the Valley for a couple of weeks not too far from Stanford. Then we are up in SF in Noe Valley or Bernal Heights. Forgot the address of the place. Close to BART and the bus so I am good.

          • So much fun.


            You can’t avoid making tech contacts even if you wanted to honestly.

            Last time in SF, was having wine on Chestnut on a Sunday night and ran into a serious player in the trans tech world. Completely random. A new friendship. A new section of the tech world I knew zero about.

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