Baseball Is The American Game

I was at the Cubs game yesterday. As I was watching, I thought about how American baseball is. My European friends don’t care for baseball. Too boring and not enough action for them. There is no time clock. You are never out of it until the end. There are second chances. Players play for themselves in individual positions but still need to be part of a team to be successful. You don’t necessarily have to be tall, short or any particular body type to play. You just need to have some crazy skill at something; hitting, pitching, throwing, or fielding. Players come from all walks of life, and all flavors of ethnicity. Baseball is a melting pot.

My favorite moment came after Anthony Rizzo hit the bloop fly ball to drive in the winning run. He ran off the field pounding his chest yelling “Respect me!”

  • awaldstein

    I no longer am engaged.

    I was thoroughly when I raised my son in the Bay Area though.

    And as a very young child siting in the bleachers of Yankee Stadium watch Micky Mantle at bat.

    Agree it’s magical.

    I don’t miss it, but I am happy I had it for me and as a father raising a son.

    • I was in old Yankee Stadium once. Saw the White Sox play there in their last series in old Yankee Stadium. I wanted to see it. Reminded me a bit of Wrigley with the narrow corridors. Magical place. Your Mickey Mantle was my Ernie Banks!

      • awaldstein

        This is the good stuff of life.