The Vines Are On Fire

If you are a wine lover like me, you woke up to some pretty bad news.  There is a huge fire in the Sonoma Valley.  It’s spread to parts of the Napa Valley.  The wineries are on fire. I was alerted to it by my nephew who grew up there.  Our family is safe so far, but my brother in law is on the volunteer fire department.

I haven’t turned the television on yet, but have checked Twitter.  It doesn’t look good.

Many local high schools have become evacuation centers. The Sonoma County Fairgrounds is accepting large animals. I can’t help but think that even when you are “prepared” for a fire, you really aren’t prepared. Livestock and other things are hard to deal with. It’s hard to escape because driving down roads can be hazardous.

If you know the area like I do, it’s kind of frightening.  Both sides of Highway 12 are on fire.

  • Steven Schalock

    Sorry about Napa, but if you like Pinot, Come to Oregon. Whites, not so much.

    Jeff; Reading forever, never commented. Thanks so much. Keep it up.

    • thanks! Love Oregon Pinot! What’s your favorite?

      • Steven Schalock

        Sadly for me Pinot = Migraine . Takes about one sip. Probably saved a fortune!