The MLB Playoffs Are Here

The first time I can say this in my lifetime. Hope the World Champion Cubs can defend their World Series title. As Tom Ricketts said, “Traditionally when the Cubs win the World Series they repeat.”

The baseball playoffs are here and I have been watching them. I was pulling for the Twins against the Yankees because my grandfather was a huge Twins fan. When we would go fishing in the evening out on the lake, he’d bring his radio and find the game. I also knew Kirby Puckett before he was a Twin.

In the AL, I am pulling for the Astros and the Indians. Both had tremendous seasons so it might be an epic playoff series.

In the NL, I don’t care who wins as long as it’s the Cubs. The Cubs got off to a tough start and were the last team to wrap up their division. But, since the All-Star break, they have been the best in the NL. The Dodgers, Nationals and D-Backs are all tough.

I am excited about playoff baseball at Wrigley again. Let’s hope it goes more than two playoff series.