Should You Pay Attention to Bitcoin? Yes.

Nice video explaining why. Clearly, Chris is talking his book. His firm a16z has made several bitcoin investments.
But, it doesn’t matter. This is happening and it’s picking up speed.

Have you heard of the social network Steemit? 350,000 accounts. You get paid for content, unlike other networks where you provide content and they make money off of you. I signed up today.

  • awaldstein

    steemit of course is not built on bitcoin in any way.

    • of course, but for most people Bitcoin is generic for cryptocurrency

      • awaldstein

        not sure this is true.

        if you are in tech, in fin tech, a developer, a journalist, C or D level marketer, anyone design transactional systems for anything you know the difference.

        Oh and an investor, currency trader you damn well know.

        Is there anyone else that matters to this blog–probably not šŸ˜‰