A Meander

I got to Italy yesterday.  I have been here a couple of times before, but never in this town.  One thing that I really like about how Italian towns are organized is their very large piazzas.

You walk through a very dense area and boom, there is a huge area with public seating and a fountain or statue.

While I am here, anything resembling a diet is off.  I generally intermittent fast, and avoid eating low simple carbohydrates.  I lost twenty pounds this summer and have about five or ten more to go.  It is my opinion Italian coffee is some of the best in the world and so after typing this, I plan to go get some and have a little cake.

My cell provider, Verizon, charges big time for cell data here.  I am consistently getting lost.  But, the meander is great.  I really wish T-Mobile worked up at our cabin in Minnesota because then I wouldn’t have that problem.

I also don’t speak a lick of Italian. I can work my way through a French menu, but Italian escapes me. Yesterday I found an enoteca and had some sardines and some cheese. I walked around a bit more and found this place right next to my hotel.  Had a nice glass of Barbera D’ Asti with it.

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2 thoughts on “A Meander

    1. Strolled all around Turin. Ran into a farmer’s market (which I love). Sampled some salumi from ‘the black pig”. Tried some local barbaresco, 15 euro per bottle. Now trying to assess the cost/opportunity cost of smuggling some salumi back to the states in my suitcase. Don’t think I’d ever get the smell out of my clothes…..

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