Sear Vs Reverse Sear

Football season is upon us.  Tailgates will happen.  Since I am from Chicago, I tend to think I know a little bit about meat.  After all, it’s the steakhouse capital of the world.  I ran across this article on Sear vs Reverse Sear when it comes to making a steak.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that over the past few years we have started using a sous vide to cook steaks (and a lot of other things).  Sous vide takes all the guess work out of it.  Then we either sear them on a hot grill, or cook them in a cast iron skillet in our oven.

Rob Levitt of The Butcher and Larder in Chicago told me the best way to get the maillard reaction at home is with a cast iron pan and lower heat, not high heat.  (and a lot of clarified butter or some duck fat!)

The blogpost says you can accomplish a similar effect, but with a grill.  That’s interesting.  Might be interesting to try at a tailgate.  By the way, I didn’t see the game but saw photos.  Michigan’s all yellow uniforms looked awful.

We are leaving our cabin in Minnesota today for Chicago.  No more grilling for me as my apartment complex in Chicago has no grill.  It’s back to sous vide and a cast iron pan for me.