A Sensible Discussion on Race

I have avoided posting on my blog about what’s happened in America over the past week.  Safe to say, I am not on the side of any white supremacists.  I am also not on the side of anyone that wants to end the system of government in America, like Antifa.  Ben Franklin replied to the question of “What did you do in there?” by saying,  “We created a Democratic Republic, if you can keep it” on his way out the door of Independence Hall.

Our Democratic Republic has suffered all kinds of threats over its lifetime and today is not any different.  I will say that we have a lot of different groups that would love to dismantle our democratic republic.  They’d like to dictate to us what to do, and eliminate choice from individuals.  They are engaging in violent means to repress and oppress people.  That can only lead to violent reprisals, which in this age of no tolerance, will lead to terrorism and open war.

Personally, I was happy to see the ACLU say they wouldn’t defend groups free speech rights that assembled with firearms.  I’d like to see that extended to rocks, knives, feces, fireworks, clubs or any other item that could personally harm someone.  Peaceable assembly is important.  Enforcing your views at the tip of a spear is a version of totalitarianism.  Americans are not persuaded by violence.

There are a lot of virulent currents swirling.  Big government vs Small government is one. But, race is certainly another.  A friend of mine who is African American made a couple of remarks that I find both satirical and insightful.

All of these companies are banning neo nazis and white supremacists. So they were ok with open racists (open!) BEFORE Saturday?

Another is:

Nancy Pelosi is calling for the ‘Speaker of the House’ to ask Congress to remove all Confederate statues from Congress saying,

“There is no room for celebrating the violent bigotry of the men of the Confederacy in the hallowed halls of the United States Capitol…”

I guess Representative Pelosi didn’t find time to do it when she was Speaker of the House.

There is plenty of blame to go around.  Instead of playing the blame game which is a road to nothingness, turn on C-Span this morning.  At 8:30am Eastern Daylight Time you can enjoy a morning cup of coffee and listen to Bob Woodson and Bernard Anderson have a sensible discussion about race in America.

Bob Woodson used to be with the American Enterprise Institute.  Bernard Anderson is with the Center for Human Resources.  It should be pretty insightful and I look forward to listening and learning from them.