Rainy Day

This summer up north in Minnesota they have had a lot more rain than usual.  It’s lead to a lot more mosquitoes than usual.  Mosquitoes are the state bird here.  We have been doing a lot of work this summer.  We moved apartments and we are rehabbing this place.

My wife likes to wake up and have a cup of coffee on the dock. But, we haven’t been able to do that for a few years since we haven’t had an operational dock.

I guess this is a subtle hint I should have the dock in by now

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It seems like every late afternoon, we get a storm.  It could be that the ground in the forest is so saturated that it’s creating its own weather system.  Yesterday I finally got the dock in and the boat running and was looking forward to wetting a line.  Thanks to my daughter’s friend Molly for helping. But, it started raining.

Dock almost in. Now let's hope the motor works

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Last night, the rain started around 3am and hasn’t stopped.  It could be God telling us to take a break.  I guess if the trees didn’t need the rain, it wouldn’t rain.

This weekend, it’s supposed to be super nice. In the meantime, we tried out the fireplace.

Fireplace works

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3 thoughts on “Rainy Day

      1. Ha.

        I am planning a visit to the mountain top where I lived after Asa was born.

        Basically 40 miles up a logging road with no electricity. Northern lights and long sub zero winters.

        A pile of wood the size of the A frame I built to live in.

        I don’t want to do it again. I’m glad I did.

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