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If you are in tech no doubt you heard about the engineer who was fired at Google for writing a ten page document on employment practices and the corporate culture.  Many women felt it was especially sexist and demeaning.

Here is a link to the memo with title: Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber  How bias clouds our thinking about diversity and inclusion

I have not read the full memo.  I have been way too busy with my job, and rehabbing this cabin up in Minnesota to spend the time I’d need to actually read and thoughtfully think about it.  I have read a couple of articles that were pretty insightful.  A lot of the opinion I have read from people has really been dependent upon their biases going in.  Personally, I just want people to have choice and opportunity without judgement.  The key is without judgement.

Let’s be clear about something.  Companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, or any other tech company that has gone public or reached a valuation over $1B isn’t a “startup” anymore.  Their big person pants are on.

I also think if Silicon Valley behemoths keep discriminating against the right wing, Alt-right sights will come up and siphon off a bunch of their user base.  Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit likes to keep a tally of corporates that cave to the left wing.  Target, the NFL, ESPN, Disney and others all have seen profits drop.  They aren’t going out of business, but people are deliberately avoiding them.

It sounds like the corporate culture at Google is not very open at all to differing opinions when it comes to politics.

I thought I would consolidate a bunch of links from both sides of the opinion aisle so people could make up their own mind outside of the prattle on Twitter and Facebook. Every issue these days becomes a wedge that each political side tries to use for their political gain.  It’s important to remember there are real people underneath the politics that are being used, and abused.

Here is an article Megan McArdle of Bloomberg wrote.  She starts out, “As a woman working in the brotastic atmosphere of IT, I ultimately came to a conclusion similar to his. So I sympathize with him. Let me explain.”

At Vox, Cynthia Lee took the opposite position from Megan McArdle.  The title is, “I’m a woman in computer science. Let me ladysplain the Google memo to you.”

The Kaufman Institute put out an article on sexual harassment.  I think it’s a good read and agree with it.   There is no room for sexual harassment.  Kaufman is well respected in entrepreneur circles and does a lot to create entrepreneurship everywhere.  One of my old friends who passed away Professor Paul Magelli was involved with Kaufman.  After his death, we put together a group tasked with creating Magelli Scholars. I am trying to do that and create opportunities for Magelli Scholars wherever I can.  I will blog on this more someday this fall.

The libertarian leaning Reason took the Google thing head on, and called for the dismissal of the CEO.  I was somewhat surprised to see David Brooks of the very left wing NYT take the same stance.  Brooks is more conservative but in our current climate he is slightly left of center.

The left leaning Atlantic questions the actions of Google’s CEO. They ask, “Given that the full text of the memo is public, that it is the subject of a national debate on an important subject, that many educated people disagree with one another about what claims it made, and that clarity can only help Google employees adhere to the company’s rules going forward, would you be willing to highlight the memo using green to indicate the “much” that you identified as “fair to debate” and red to flag the “portions” that you deemed Code-of-Conduct violations?”

Internal messages from Google employees show some people support the fired employee.  However, other Googlers have said there is a pattern of sexual harassment there.

I can’t make heads or tails out of it.  All I can do is treat people the way I’d like to be treated.  I had started using the browser Brave a while ago.  I installed it on all my devices.  It’s gotten better the more I use it.  I also switched up my search engine to DuckDuckGo.  Roger Simon is using Dogpile.  Google is opt-in.  They profit off people using their search. Don’t use their search, their profits will suffer.

I am not switching off Google’s products out of a vendetta.  I am doing it because I believe strongly in competition and in toppling monopolies.  When companies get fat and have all kinds of market power like Google does, stuff like the above happens.

I also thought these memes were funny:

And the Goolag t-shirt.

One thought on “The Google

  1. I have read this twice.

    I choose to not deal with people (yes discriminate) that have no ethical center. That is my choice. That is my own criteria.

    I believe in free speech. My father taught me that even those that voice that which we hate should be able to. It’s a tough one but I agree.

    That doesn’t mean I like them nor will deal with them.

    If someone chooses a stance that women are by gender inferior, that is their right. I believe them wrong and I would not have them part of my world or my company as that point of view broadens nothing. Helps nothing. Moves nothing in any good directly. They are wrong.

    You can choose personally my friend to believe what you believe. People will by definition define you by that.

    You mash up diversity in thought and personality and belief with those extreme beliefs that offer no value to plumb and will forever alienate those who embrace that.

    That’s life. It will not change.

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