What’s a Four Letter Word For Frustration?


We have been rehabbing a cabin all summer up in northern MN. My wife (and my daughters) love IKEA. I hate the place. If I went to the Pearly Gates and St Peter asked, “Hell or put together IKEA cabinets for eternity”. I’d go to hell.

We bought IKEA kitchen cabinets for our kitchen. There are exactly 7 of them. There are 2 in the bathroom. Putting them together has been a lesson in frustration. This morning we woke up and forgot to do one little thing. We have to take the countertops off, the drawers out, and keep track of a million little screws.

My advice. If you are handy, IKEA is okay. But, you better be really handy. I am not particularly handy. I used to do home projects when we had a house, but haven’t done that since 2003. Don’t believe all the video propaganda they have online about the two old ladies happily putting cabinets together.

You need the right tools. You also need a large dedicated space to store all the boxes, and do all the assembly in a very tedious manner. We didn’t have the right tools and our cabin is only 625 square feet. Having a power screwdriver is essential. You need to be able to dedicate a lot of time to accomplish the task. It took us one full day to put up a two by four level and a very tall cabinet. Our cabin isn’t exactly “plumb”. IKEA is also extremely heavy. The two old ladies in the video couldn’t haul it around.

Every night at the end of the day I get satisfaction from building a nice IKEA box bonfire in our burn pit. I think about IKEA names vs Swedish Hockey player names.

They do look nice. Especially in the store.

Oven fits perfect Alpes. Craigslist find

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I think we have been better off going to Home Depot or Menard’s and paying a bit more but having cabinets delivered all in one piece. My wife disagrees.

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  1. I’ve been married 42 years, and have learned one lesson, repeatedly: You’re Wife is correct. No matter what.

  2. I’ve been married 42 years, and have learned one lesson, repeatedly: Your Wife is correct. No matter what.

    1. In my first job with 3M, one of the top brass Clyde Ingram made the statement, “On our wedding day, I told my wife if there were any big decisions to be made I would make them solo. In 35 years of marriage, we have never had a big decision.” I followed that advice and yours.

  3. Too funny…I grew up in the cabinet industry (my Father started a custom shop over 50 years ago)…you really do get what you pay for…go custom…they show up in as large of a section as you can carry…and you slap em on the wall, and avoid all of the aggravation.

  4. Boiled down, what is your time worth?

    I also put together a whole house of IKEA stuff about 5 years ago. My wife took a horse trailer to the one in Schaumburg and filled it up and came back. She got a few looks, but it worked.

    The stuff does take a while to put together, and you need to expect that you will disassemble each piece at least once for whatever reason. Overall, however, it was worth my time. I am still pretty proud that I managed to put together the giant closet unit and that it still works with nice sliding doors to this day.

    Now that I am further along in life, I will either hire the next IKEA assembly job (if it is big) out, or just pay someone to install everything and buy custom.

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