A Tale of Woe, Some Self Inflicted

Logistics.  It’s a big deal.  I have been dealing with logistics all summer.  It has become my summer of schlep.

  • We are rehabbing a cabin in the woods in Northern Minnesota.  No one really delivers so I have to haul it in myself
  • We bought a new apartment, and moved
  • We haven’t rented our old apartment out yet (For rent if you want a place in Chicago!)
  • We went from 4 storage lockers to one and got rid of a lot of stuff

I can handle all the stress.  The things that kill me are the unexpected things.  Like this week when the particulate filter on our BMW went out.  $5000.  Plus, no car for 4 days all in the middle of this.

When we started the rehab on our place up north, every single one of the original contractors we booked in the fall failed to come through and we had to scramble for new contractors.  My wife and I did a lot of the work ourselves.  We schlepped stuff up from Chicago in trailers.  We did demo.  We built and schlepped cabinets.  By the way, all with manual screwdrivers since we didn’t have electric hooked up.  My hands and forearms got a workout.

By the way, your UHaul experience is purely determined by the franchise owner.  I have had good experiences and some really awful ones.  In Chicago, there is a great guy on Kingsbury and one on Fullerton.  Forget anyone else.

Lately, my back, legs and body have gotten a work out moving stuff all over.  We joke if I am not lifting something heavy then the day couldn’t have happened.  Yesterday I cleaned out a storage locker and packed it into a trailer.  We are driving to Hibbing, MN to pick up a water heater. Then, we are driving it all to our cabin.  We left this morning at 4:30am with my wife, my oldest daughter and her dog.  The car is packed. I am hoping to be up there until Labor Day.  We’ll unload tomorrow and then I get to schlep the trailer all the way down to Two Harbors.

I bought some really great high end appliances on Craiglist.  Got some spectacular deals.  One oven is solid stainless steel.  Made in Italy.  We will have to convert from Centigrade to Fahrenheit but it will be perfect.  I always have to schlep them from here to there.  Our new building was built in the 20’s, so we had to rewire for the range I picked up.  More cost.  Thankfully, Schlep.it came through and they hauled the range up our stairs.

Our electric and internet is in up north so I and everyone else can work from up there.

All this has given me an extreme respect for logistics and the last mile.  You can see why companies like Uber, loft, Amazon and anyone else that takes on the last mile have a potential to be valuable.

One thought on “A Tale of Woe, Some Self Inflicted

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    Jeff, when the particulate filter on a BMW goes out, you buy one from a junkyard. In ATX, there is a guy who rebuilds them for $250. Did you get your old one back?

    Get battery operated power tools with a car charger. I have a million of them including nail guns. Sitting in a storage unit.

    You will love the place even more because you did it yourself.

    This from a guy who has spent the last two hours removing two cast iron sinks from black granite countertops. You get your utility knife, your drywall knives, your pry bar, some wooden wedges, and a hammer. Most important, you get your caulk remover (Goo Gone is the best and it is toxic as Hell. Wear gloves.)

    Fight on, DIY Warrior Chieftain.


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