Need Some Office Space?

One of the companies I invested in when I was doing angel investing was Build Truss.  They have an awesome team.  They are tackling a thorny problem.  CRE agents have no interest in leasing out spaces less than 20k square feet.  Just no money in it.  Building owners that have smaller spaces have trouble leasing them.

Enter Truss.

They have an amazingly efficient platform for search. Already in Chicago and Dallas they dominate.  The cool thing is they help the CRE brokers by putting everything in one place along with paying commissions.  They make it so no one wastes time.

For businesses looking at space, it’s super frustrating. It takes time.  It takes negotiation skill.  It is just a royal pain in the ass.  I know from experiences with different startups I have been exposed to, the market for space just isn’t very efficient when you are looking for small space.

Yesterday the Truss platform got even more innovative.  They partnered with one of the top virtual reality providers, Matterport, to bring a new level of search to their platform.  Truss customers will be able to experience full 3D models of properties and understand exactly what it’s like to be inside a space.

There is so much potential to innovate in the plumbing when it comes to B2B finance. The markets are huge and the need is acute.  I am super excited about what they are building at Truss. The team keeps moving ahead of where the puck is going.

  • Al Hilditch

    CRE is a “good old Boy’s Club”, they make the market and protect the market; I thought it would have changed w/ internet and social media. The isolation and protectionism prevails. Even the Banks with their REO portfolios are very arrogant with non performing CRE’s.

    • It’s beginning to change. Truss is a part of that. Check out, they are a part of it too.