Leadership is Hard

Yesterday the Senate which is barely controlled by Republicans failed to repeal and replace Obamacare. Too bad. To be honest, it had a hard time getting through the House.

This shows you how hard laws are to repeal once installed. Especially laws that come with lots of free benefits you don’t pay for until later years. It also illustrates something else. Leadership is hard. Being a true leader can be lonely.

It is easy to be in the minority. You can take potshots at the leaders with little or no consequence. When you are out front leading, you take the hits.

Today there has been a trend toward emotional intelligence in leadership. I am a big fan of it. However, that’s codifying a leadership style. It’s a process. There are other parts of leadership that don’t have anything to do with emotional intelligence.
That’s putting out big ideas. You use emotional intelligence to guide the group to achieve the goal.

The repeal and replace bill I saw was a small idea. Small ideas are boring.

David Burnham said, “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will never die, but long after we are gone be a living thing, asserting itself with ever-growing insistency.”

This is true for legislation and it’s true for startups.

When you come up with a big idea, it usually goes against a lot of convention. It will meet a lot of pushback because it’s blowing away existing structures. Most people don’t think out of the box. People naturally fear change, so when confronted with change they only see the potential risks and not the possibilities.

There comes a time in a startups life where the existing CEO can’t take the startup to the next level. That means it’s time for them to go. Someone else needs to steer the ship to the big idea. I think we can see several examples of that throughout business history. Today, we are seeing an example of that in the Republican Senate. Their leader isn’t good enough to lead to big ideas.

thanks for the link Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit.

  • KCG

    I’m glad this failed. They promised one thing to public and were planning to give us the same crappy thing. It’s like saying “That one is horse manure, this one is so much better- new and improved fertilizer (made of cow dung).” All of the Republican leadership needs to go!

    • No argument. Except why did they go through the whole bullshit in the first place. That’s leading from behind. Should have come out with a new idea that was groundbreaking. Then we wouldn’t be debating miniscule things.

      • LizardLizard

        Leading from behind? I saw what you did there….

  • Greg Quark

    I’m also glad this failed. Either you get rid of guaranteed issue, community rating, the individual mandate, and the “essential health benefits”, or you’re just wasting our time. “Replace” needs to be something like PriceCare, NOT “ObamaCare with less money for Medicaid.”

  • Bill S

    This shows you how hard laws are to repeal once installed.
    And this is why all conservatives should be opposed to the legislative filibuster being abolished. Abolishing it would help Trump get some stuff done but next time the Democrats have mor than 50 seats along with the presidency they would be able to pass plenty more big-government programs that (like Obamacare) would be almost impossible to repeal later.

  • M

    The problem on health care is that ObamaCare was the big idea.

    There is a big idea Republicans and President Trump are trying to move that fits your description perfectly: spinning the operation of air traffic control out of government into a non-profit entity. The Canadians did it, and their system is now cheaper and more advanced than ours. Entrenched interests and those fearful of change are mobilizing to defeat this idea. Conservatives should mobilize to support it. Government will never be able to deliver us a high-tech enterprise, which is what air traffic control, done right, should be. (Examples: today we use radar, ought to be GPS; today we use radio communication, ought to be text messaging and digital voice; etc.)

  • bflat879

    It’s easy to be a leader when you can take show votes and have the Senate Majority leader bury them. It’s easy to be a leader when you can take the show votes from the House and have the Senate not give them 60 votes and then, if they do get 60 votes, the President will veto them. The Republicans did all of that and lied about what they’d do if they actually had a President willing to sign it.

    It’s time for McConnell and Ryan to go. Leaders are hard to come by, but I’ll bet there is one there someplace, willing to do what it takes to do the right thing.

    • McConnell and people in the Republican party like him need to be primaried by free market Republicans that believe in limited government and returning power to individuals.

  • Michael J. Lotus

    The GOP like the Ds is captive to its most fanatical members. They forfeited the opportunity to pass a good bill because they demanded a much better bill they do not have 60 votes to pass. Throwing half a loaf on the floor and going hungry is stupid. This is a smashing, unearned victory for the Democrats. There is now virtually now hope of rolling back Inamacare. And politics, as in sports and didn’t warfare, second chances are extraordinarily rare. Sad!

  • Wes Buckman

    Repeal it. Just repeal it. Repeal it now.

  • FollowTheCaptain

    Does the GOP fail to understand free markets? Do they simply lack the courage to take criticism while those markets self correct?

    Why are they unable to do the right thing?

  • Dan Kunze

    Obamacare – what a wreck. I received notice several months ago that the insurance we provide for our employees was under a non-compliant Obamacare plan. We had to take action and eventually went with a BIG idea, we went with a PEO. I think that in hindsight this will be a great move for our company but how silly it is that we have to pay people to keep track of all of the regulations and everything else it takes just to run a damned business. Any my business isn’t even that complicated – all we do is buy stuff, re-sell it and collect the money – I can’t imagine being a manufacturer. The Republicans have GOT to slash and burn the regulatory nonsense while they can. I imagine there ins’t ONE business in the USA that isn’t out of some sort of compliance somewhere in their organization. .

    • LizardLizard

      i like it when you are on your soap box. 🙂

  • ignatz

    How about competent leadership, the kind of leadership Trump seems utterly incapable of achieving?
    This loss is Trump’s fault, not Senate Republicans.

    • bittman

      It is the Republicans in the House and the Senate’s fault. Our politicians want to give us freebies so we’ll vote for them. They are not looking out for our children (who will be faced with paying a multi-trillion dollar bill) nor are they looking out for our Constitution.

      The American people are not demanding a Republican Socialist healthcare system any more than we were demanding a Democrat Socialist healthcare system when the Dems insisted on cramming it down our throats. I am getting so tired of Marxists irregardless of their party and their ongoing attempt to destroy America.

      • LizardLizard

        The basic question is: have we come to accept that Americans are mostly so feeble that they need to be taken care of by the government at every turn? Do we all agree that life is fair and when it is not the government will fix it for us, all paid for by someone else? If so, America as we know it is doomed.

  • Bandit

    This is actually the strategy behind the Dems tax and spend policies – implement some plan with handouts and no one ever has the cojones to end it

    • LizardLizard

      Do Americans want to be parasites? Hey, everyone else is doing it, I want mine too? Is that OK? Is that how we want to be? Really? Remember when you snuck into the movie and your mother heard about and made you go back, apologize, and pay for the ticket? Remember when you broke something in a shop and your Dad insisted on paying for it and taking it out of your allowance? Remember the kind of country we used to be?

      • Different analogy. Are humans to be warehoused and looked at as expenses? Or, are they to be seen as untapped potential? Raw human capital.

        Basic income, free health insurance, free college see humans as expenses.