America Has Been Deeply Divided Before

Saw a lot of posts about how divided America is today. It’s not the first time. Back in 1800, there were those that followed Jefferson and those that followed Hamilton/Adams. We had the Civil War, which was our most divisive moment.

We like to think that we were not divided about entering into World War Two. That’s just not even close to true. The Neutrality Act was something that Roosevelt had to navigate to give even a modicum of assistance to Great Britain.

The new exhibit at the National World War Two Museum, Arsenal of Democracy, covers that history accurately. The book, Freedom From Fear uncovers a lot of myths about the war, especially post-Pearl Harbor. For example, women really didn’t want to become Rosie the Riveter. After the war, they were glad to stay home. Men didn’t sign up in droves for the service. A large percentage waited to be drafted.

Today the struggle is between those who believe in large government and those that believe in individual independence free from overarching government. In my home state of Illinois, we are going to see that struggle play out big time.

Enjoy the video of my friend Tom Brokaw interviewing a great historian David McCullough.

  • awaldstein

    History is only relevant if remembered.

    In my lifetime and in the world taught to me by my parents, never has acerbic divide and hate been so prevalent and in your face.

    Say what you will about some date from a century ago. Not relevant unless made such and it is not to almost all of the population today.