It’s A Beautiful City

Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  I was at a thing all day yesterday and they had a cruise booked for the evening.  Fortunately, we had a beautiful low humidity perfect weather night.  Here are a couple of photos from the boat.

Summer in the city

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Love it when the lights come on in the city

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Chicago is the best summer city in America.

2 thoughts on “It’s A Beautiful City

  1. Yes it is a pretty city, too bad it’s run by a political system that is immune to decency and basic math. 🙂 Time for more productive people to move to Wisconsin! Super low taxes in Wisconsin for all manufacturers!

    The fascinating thought experiment is to figure out how this ends. Does it get really bad like Puerto Rico or Detroit or does it bounce along and muddle through like Greece so far? Is there any path where it becomes much better? Hopefully the tax increase make its stable and other fixes can be made for the long term.

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