NBA Finals Are Over

I watched Game 3 with interest.  It was a must win for the Cavs after getting drubbed out in the Bay.  I really thought they played with a lot of heart.  With a couple minutes to go, it looked like they might win but they couldn’t pull away.

Kevin Durant is the difference.  If the Warriors don’t have him, Cavs win this series in 5.

You might hate Golden State because they bought a championship.  But, they were champs before Durant.  Cleveland added players too.  Kyle Korver is one of the best three-point shooters out there.  Durant outshot him last night and in every other game.  You might recall, Lebron and the Dream Team in Miami was a “bought” championship too.

Lebron is a great player.  One of the best ever.  That dunk he threw down between two 7 footers was pretty amazing.  It’s very hard to compare eras.  My bias says Michael Jordan was better pound for pound.  People in Boston remember Larry Bird and all the great players they had before him.  Lakers fans had Magic and Kareem and James Worthy.  The 1970’s Lakers but Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West.  Elgin Baylor.  Some think Kobe and Shaq.  There are so many great athletes that can play and the game is getting better and better and more competitive.  I still think Jordan was the best.  The names I mentioned could play in any era, and star.

Golden State doesn’t seem invincible like the Bulls, Lakers or old Celtics were.  Someone will knock them out soon enough.


5 thoughts on “NBA Finals Are Over

    1. Funny thing, Larry Bird had slightly better stats than Lebron over the course of their careers. He wasn’t as flashy a player as Lebron. But, he got results. Lebron is clearly more athletic than Bird-but I think Bird could elevate his team better. Lebron can drive to the hole better than Bird ever could, but Bird a much better shooter.

  1. We disagree on politics my friend.

    We agree on the moral center of ethical individuals regardless of their political affiliations and we also agree on Jordan.

      1. I played three varsity sports in High School, but not basketball so to me Jordon was supernatural in a way that was unique as beyond the pale of my understanding.

        Good to have people like him, like Ali, like even Tiger in the early days that just change the game even for non sports enthusiasts.

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