On Vacation

I am flying away for a vacation today.  I need it. I am sort of burned out.  I have had a lot of challenges in my life over the past several years, and it’s time to take a few days to decompress.  I brought some books which I will read and spend a lot of time with my wife.  It’s our 30th anniversary.  Most of the time when we get away, it’s always to be busy doing something.  This time it’s just to do nothing.  I think Brad Feld calls it a “digital sabbath”.  I saw this video and need to rearrange my brain.

One of the books I am going to read is Grit, which I need a lot of these days.  I am going to finish some books that I have started as well.  I am hoping to read some books that have nothing to do with what I do daily as well.

I am bringing a computer because I have to do a few phone calls.  Just because you jump off the world doesn’t mean it doesn’t stop turning.  But, we have both resolved to not be on the internet much.  I put away messages up on my email.  The place we are going has some beaches, snorkeling and I will even do some sailing.  I am not a good sailor and get seasick.

I may blog while I am here, and I might not.  I have pre-set some blogs up with things that I found super interesting so I hope people enjoy that.  We come back the 25th and then I will be back at it.  Here is where we land.  Gets your heart racing.

If you know any restaurants I must hit, let me know in the comments.

One thought on “On Vacation

  1. Enjoy my friend. To both of you!

    Enjoy the process of discovering a day on its own pace.

    I almost never find it easily!

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