Leadership Thoughts

Leadership in startups is huge.  It can help a startup weather the inevitable bad times.  My friend Raman Chadha has been teaching leadership in the Junto Institute for a few years now.  Recently, they announced they were setting up a new program in LA.

Raman teaches leadership by emotional intelligence.  Many firms that go through his program triple top line revenue.

This article I read this morning in the WSJ talks about sub-topics in leadership and they relate back to the broader theme of emotional intelligence.  The article lists seven things great leaders do.  Here they are:

  1.  Take care of unglamorous tasks
  2.  Broke the rules for a purpose
  3.  Communicated practically, not in grand speeches
  4.  They used deeds to motivate
  5.  They were independent thinkers, unafraid to dissent
  6.  They were relentless
  7.  They possessed remarkable self-control

I think that is right.  I’d also add that when the fail they acknowledge it and move on quickly to what’s next.  They learn from that failure and are relentless enough so they don’t repeat it.


  • Kartik Subramanian

    Thanks for posting! Couldn’t agree more.
    I’d also add:
    1/ Deeply care for the well-being of their team & put the interests of the team before theirs
    2/ Clearly articulate a vision and a path to realize that vision (similar to point #3 that you’ve listed).