A Travel Tip

Today I am traveling to San Francisco.  A few weeks ago, I took a trip. A carry-on bag that I had bought on the cheap in 2006 finally died. I started shopping.  I couldn’t make a decision about what features I wanted but for some reason, having TSA locks was important to me.  I read all kinds of information and went to the two leading baggage websites and kept searching.  I walked to three luggage stores in Chicago and checked out different bags in person.

I don’t fly a lot, but wanted something that would last.  I also wanted to have a charger, because if you got caught at an airport and needed to recharge your stuff I didn’t want to have to fight for a plug.  At the same time, I was resource constrained.  I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it.  See ya Tumi.

I wanted to get a suitor in it if possible.  Usually I don’t wear suits when I travel but it’s a nice to have.

I settled on the Away (Awaytravel.com) bag.  It’s internet only.  It’s hard sided.  I just rolled it from my apartment to the L and through Midway Airport and it rolls effortlessly.  It’s got TSA locks and the charger.  The inside of the bag is nice and the zippers seem like they are high quality.  I guess we will see how durable it is.

  • awaldstein

    Love this brand. They had a popup store in Soho as well btw. Bought one for Lianna in Jan. Locks. Charger. Light work well for her.

    For me–well–I have almost 3 million miles on my Tumi and it is disintegrating and time to replace. Think though for me I will go for the same.

    And test it out in Lisbon/Milan/Paris in a bit..

    Have a productive trip.

    • The handle is a little bit flimsy for my taste. But, so far so good. Lisbon was one of the centers of spy activity for the Nazi’s and the Allies in WW2. Interesting place.

      • awaldstein

        Have to confirm if i’m going or not this week. Been to Portugal but never Lisbon. Have a good buddy who has a wine festival biz that i’ll work out of his offices and get to know the place.

        Should do this.