Build Truss is Building Trust by Innovating the Commercial Real Estate Industry

One of the awesome things about technology is how it revolutionizes staid industries. Consumers are used to seeing constant innovation. New platforms are built and there are new ways to interact. Businesses often avoid it.  You’d be shocked at how many processes are done via email and Excel.  It’s a duct tape solution that often breaks.

The Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry is like that but it’s changing. Build Truss is bringing big time technological change to CRE. They totally understood the industry before they started building solutions to problems. They aren’t upsetting apple carts, they are making it possible for CRE people to have more apple carts. The CRE market will be more efficient, and it will get bigger when the industry embraces Truss.

One of the founders of Truss is Bobby Goodman. I originally met him when he was a CRE broker for JLL. I had invested in co-working and Bobby was on top of it.  We stayed in touch and when he and Andy Bokor came up with the idea for Truss they invited me to invest.  It didn’t take me long to see what they saw and I invested.  They have put together a pretty awesome team and have continuously executed since raising capital.

Here is a link to a podcast with Bobby talking to Philip Coover. Phil and I know each other through the University Club of Chicago where we are both members. When I found out that Phil had a podcast called “Real Estate for Breakfast” dedicated to commercial real estate issues, I made the introduction to Bobby and Truss.  It’s just a platform that people need to find out about and as you listen, you will see how it develops.

If you want to learn about how innovation is going to impact the commercial real estate industry, listen to this podcast. It’s pretty cool how Truss has learned from the past, leveraged their experience, and borrowed from other verticals to create a platform that is dynamically changing the way people approach business.

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