YCharts Launches Portfolio Sync

A company I have been invested in since it’s seed round just released a new upgrade that should get anyone with an investment portfolio excited.

Ycharts just launched Portfolio Sync and it integrates with Morningstar data.  YCharts automatically links with Morningstar’s portfolio aggregation tool, ByAllAccounts, for automated integrations to hundreds of custodial systems. Portfolio Sync gives RIAs, wealth managers, and institutional and individual investors the opportunity to monitor all accounts across various custodians in one place, as well as to view intraday and event data.

They already have a lot of other tools that people use for analysis.  This addition is welcome because you can get a macro view of the portfolio across everything.  It makes it simple to see.  YCharts is the best go-to fast, intuitive, cost-effective financial research platform on the market.   It has great data and can cut the fixed cost of operating a wealth management business.

What I love about Ycharts is the ability to see through the data.  Ycharts makes data more transparent.  You can manipulate it.  For example, when you trade options, using Ycharts to look at data differently helps you put on more precise trades and more creative trades that can earn more money.