It Really Is About Founders

Was looking at different startups the other day. It really is about the founders at early stages. No idea is 100% unique. If any idea is good and worth pursuing, there will be at least one other company starting up to go after it. More likely, there will be 10 or 20 other competitors if it is a B2C play.

That’s why it’s all about the execution. It’s all about the founding team. Can they do it?

If you are first and there are no real competitors, the educational hurdle you will face on the customer side might put you out of business. Sometimes you are just too early. But great founders can overcome that. If you are first, and start to overcome that other teams will copy you.

It’s such a risky business. Most people look at ideas and think they are crazy. But, it’s really all about the founders executing those crazy ideas.

  • Rich B

    There are probably 5 or 6 critical success factors for a start-up, but everything begins and ends with the founders. Are they driven? Are they coachable and quick learners? Are they resilient, decisive and quick to pivot if necessary? Do they know how to focus on the most important things while filtering the noise and distractions? Are they good leaders? Are they good communicators? Can they work well with their board, their colleagues and their employees? Good ideas are a dime a dozen, but the ability to transform an idea into reality is priceless.