May 15th Event, Don’t Miss This: Internet Security; What Should You Be Worried About?

On May 15th with the cooperation of:

West Loop Ventures is happy to host an event on Financial Technology Security.  It’s going to be at Illini Center in downtown Chicago.  We will convene on the 4th floor at 200 South Wacker at 4:30pm-6pm.  There is a small fee to cover some incidental expenses.  Sign up here. 

Joe Rickard is the CTO of Incapital, and Stelios Valvanis is the CEO of OnShore Security.  They approach financial internet security from different angles.  Joe from an enterprise perspective.  Joe also has a unique problem because Incapital has a high profile ownership.  How do you keep your company secure?  Stelios looks at it from an institutional perspective.  How do you keep your bank and the banking system secure?

You will be part of a lively discussion.  Joe and Stelios will give you a look into how they see the world and what they are doing today, along with what they think the future looks like.

Was the recent Presidential election hacked by Russian hackers or not?  We don’t know but we know there are hackers from all over attacking various parts of our financial system.  Hackers and finance are nothing new.  The tricks they play and the ways they try and penetrate systems change all the time.  We can assure you that it will be entertaining.  There will be a short presentation, followed by a long session of Q+A from the audience.