Voice Over Trading

I learned how to trade in the open outcry era.  We used our voices.  The people that were the most aggressive won.  Sometimes it meant having a big body.  In certain pits, traders were pretty beefy.  I remember slamming my body into a guy that had played tight end in the NFL and he just laughed at me.

The electronic age was ushered in and trading changed forever.

Tech bloggers have been blogging about using voice for search.  Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home show that it’s possible.  I am seeing people take that same technology and turning it into a trading platform.  Instead of shouting out your grocery order, you shout out your brokerage order.  “Sell the May/June Apple 140 call spread at…”.

It shouldn’t be surprising and I think it could be a lot more efficient than point and click trading.  It might even help some traders stay in the game.

Years ago when the electronic age was being ushered in, my fellow CME Board Member and trader Buck Haworth and I talked about voice.  They developed voice-activated trading systems back then but they were so primitive.  The tech wasn’t there yet.  You had to be in a very quiet room and any extracurricular noise would screw them up.

Of course, today automated systems using Artificial Intelligence are already trading.  Trading is way more sophisticated today than it was even ten years ago.  Ten years ago it was way more sophisticated than it was in 1997 when the e-mini was started.

Macroeconomists say it takes thirty years to a revolution to really manifest itself.  Ten years from now, we will be there when it comes to trading.