I’m Sorry. Stop Your Day and Read This Story

I know you are busy. Life goes so fast these days it’s hard to find time to stop.  It’s hard to find headspace to just drain your brain of all thought and quiet your body and spirit.  If you are looking for some hope in the world, or some peace I have a way.

Click over and read this story.

It’s the story of my friend’s son Sam. Sam has a rare form of brain cancer, glioblastoma. He’s a rare kid.
If you read inspirational books or watch movies on the Hallmark Channel, you might have gotten acquainted with Sam via “The Color of Rain”. It was the story of how his father passed away from cancer. His mother met another man who lost his wife to glioblastoma.

That man, Mike Spehn, and I met in fifth grade. He, myself and a group of guys have been practically inseparable since. If you read the linked story above and are back, I was one of the old guys that laced up sneakers to play in the basketball game. I blogged about it before.  I am still sore to this day but it was worth it. We raised $18,000 dollars to help unfortunate families who have a parent stricken by cancer and can’t pay their bills. The Fickle Finger of Fate was smiling on Sam that day because he hit a three-pointer in overtime to win the game.

If you are moved by Sam’s story, you can help out families less fortunate than his at this link.
Be well. Be at peace. Have a great Sunday.