ROI on Entertainment Spending

When things get tough inside companies, one of the first budgets to get hacked is entertainment. It’s an easy hack. One of the reasons it’s an easy thing to cut is there is virtually no data-driven metrics around it. “Hey Salesperson, you took out clients and did several events, how much did that contribute to your bottom line?”

One of the companies I invested in is Kapow. Kapow makes customer and employee entertaining a snap. It creates experiences for people that they remember. The other secret sauce is they can create data and deliver ROI so the bean counters in the company know what they are getting for their spend.  Kapow is based in Chicago but has operations nationwide.

Kapow wrote about what they do here.

Kapow has rolled out Kapow Enterprise. It’s not just a best-in-class platform. It is the only system that can provide many insightful metrics and services under a single platform. For example, some of the things you get are:

  • Powerful group and user management tools that organize and segment reporting and policy management.
  • Strategic recaps on your Account to understand what went well and what opportunities exist for improvement.
  • Track and analyze individual and organization-wide data to understand and optimize event spend and facilitate ROI tracking.

It’s the only choice and one that is easy to make.  Check it out and see what you think.  Kapow will help your company budget and drive more value to customers.

  • awaldstein

    If you insist that every single activity in sales & marketing have an accounting roi you are in deep trouble as that is not the nature of the beast.