More on The Basic Income Debate

This is really a great podcast on Basic Income. It encompasses a lot of the issues. It covers how software is eating jobs along with automation and robots. I have been watching this debate with interest. A lot of how you fall depends on what you think government should do for citizens, and what it has no business doing.

For example, since the implentation of the welfare state in 1965, charitable giving has declined. It’s not the only factor but it is a factor. Arthur Brooks found Democrats give significantly less to charity than Republicans. Europeans give less than Americans. Part of that is because of the attitude of a person toward the role of government.

Where do I fall?

Automate as much of government as possible. Earned income tax credits. Low, flat taxes. Get rid of worker taxes. Opt in on social security. Shrink the size and scope of government and redo government pensions to be defined contribution, not defined benefit. That lowers the cost of delivery, and the cost of supporting the bureaucracy. The more power I can take from government and put into the hands of individuals the better.

People respond to economic incentives. You will see a lot of behavior change if you do those things.