The other day, I wrote a post, Would I Let My Daughter Work For Uber?  I cross posted it to Medium.  My daughter told me to.  If you go find it there, read the comments.  They are hilarious to me and concerning all at the same time.

Instead of reading what was in my article, a few of the commenters criticized my title.  Since my daughters are out of college, I shouldn’t “let” them do anything.   Hilarious, because if you actually knew my family you’d know that my daughters are fiercely independent.

At the same time as a parent there is a part of you that never lets go.  It gets smaller and smaller as you age.  You’d hope that you developed a relationship where your kid might use you as a counsel. You’d also hope that if you had no clue that you’d tell them, “I really don’t know anything about that.”

One of my daughter’s entered an occupation where I didn’t know a thing, and only knew one person that was in it. I didn’t make the introduction to that person because she networked to him before I could.

Professor Nick Epley has done a lot of research on interpreting what people write.  Can they mind read?  Can they mind read email, comments etc?  It turns out, you can’t.  Even if you know the person really well you make mistakes.

A lot of that going around now.

One thought on “Suppositions

  1. Ok, those comments at Medium were absolutely predictable in their internet glory.

    Nothing has really changed since UUCP, has it?


    PS – that “wave” of female/black/poor-kid engineers has been about to crash on the beach of the technology island for most of the 30+ years I’ve worked on software. Haven’t seen it yet. Kind of reminds me of the decade long “year of the LAN” in the 80/90’s….

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