The Final Journey

The final journey isn’t shared. It’s your own, and you face it alone. Your family and friends are there for the ride. Your body, and your psyche call the shots. But, there is an end to the journey.

I think that religion really gives you comfort at this point and helps you confront any fear that you might have.

Was talking to a doctor this morning. At the very end, some people choose to do it on their own. Some want their family around, then they go. My friend checked out on his own. His family was in the house, doing what they do. I think if you think about your own ending journey, you will make assumptions about things but I suppose you won’t know until you are in the moment.

Like in most things, movies and television shows really screw up reality. If you take them as gospel, you are putting your faith into something that isn’t close to real. Movies and television shows only entertain. Sure, they cause you to think. But, it’s just a place to escape. If you really want to learn, you need to delve into some academic peer reviewed studies backed up by real data.

I remember when I was fresh out of high school in Recondo training at the US Air Force Academy. I’d seen a bunch of war movies in my day. I had a perception of what I was supposed to be doing, and what it was supposed to be like. I was walking point in our formation. We walked up a hill and a camouflaged machine gun nest opened up on us from the right hand side (blanks of course, but the noise is loud just the same). The point man is supposed to charge the machine gun nest, screaming and firing all the way. Instead, I did what I saw countless actors do in the movies. I hit the dirt. The commanding officer was immediately yelling at me calling me every name in the book. Of course, he was correct. My action caused my entire element to hit the dirt behind me and we were all “dead”. The reality of what you were supposed to do isn’t anything like what you see on the silver screen. Hollywood is fake. Even when they take on “historical” themes.

There really isn’t any drama around this whole journey. It’s tedious. It can be outright boring and you feel bad being bored because of the gravity of the situation. But, it is what it is. There are times that you need to walk away to refresh yourself. You feel guilty doing it, but you shouldn’t. As interested participants, we are emotionally tied and sometimes get tired. But, we are just along for the ride.

  • JLM

    We go from defenseless babies to adults and then back to defenseless as we exit the world. When we came into the world, we were with our family and when we exit the world that is an option.

    I have seen tough men face their fate and they all call for their mothers at the last moment. Our mothers bring us into the world and we meet them again when we exit.

    I certainly hope so.

    Be well.


    • The worst part of the whole experience is knowing that someday in the next 50 years, I will experience it.

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