Innovation in Agriculture

When we were bullish meat markets we always said “people gotta eat”. There has been a lot of innovation in farming that people don’t always see. Innovation happens from seed genetics, to farming practices, to machines, to the factories that process food right down to packaging and the way we distribute it. Thought I’d share this video of innovation in the wine industry. Wine is sexy. But, ranchers are using drones and so are grain farmers.

Hopefully, the end result will be better food at a cheaper price.

Personally, I’d love to see the Trump administration take on food subsidies and many food laws.

5 thoughts on “Innovation in Agriculture

  1. Yes and Yes!

    Farm subsidies are the worst, and the US is one of the worst offenders (though lots of bad actors everywhere on this topic).

    But precision farming is looking big. On the grain side I’ve seen a lot data, monitoring and drone plays.

    My personal favorite is a sleeping giant: Precision measurement for fruits and nuts.

      1. I didn’t know any of that. I know a lot more about grains and oilseeds.

        What I do know is the economic value of a fruit or nut acre is >10X grains which means high opp for precision farming.

        Does the fragmentation offer more opportunities for tech? My kneejerk reaction is yes. They are looking at data plays right now if you have thoughts.

    1. I look at Industrialized Wine the same way I do Industrialized Pork, chicken, beef etc. People have to eat. I think education, cleaner labeling helps individuals have choice. I am not against technology helping any farmer. It’s backbreaking work.

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