Take The Pats

Super Bowl Sunday.  I am playing in a benefit basketball game today at Oakland University.  If you want to support FoundationForFamilies.org that’s who we are playing for.  But, really, we are playing for my friend’s son Sam.

Sam had a brain tumor removed.  He did a lot of treatment.  It’s back.  He wanted to play in a hoop game with his friends.   If you are near Detroit, MI, come by Oakland University at 12:30.  Game time 1PM. There will be cheerleaders, and a pep band.  I have brought enough money to bribe the referee.

After the game and gobs of ibuprofen I am sure I will watch the Super Bowl somewhere.  I think you have to bet on Tom Brady.  What separates him from the rest?

Insane competitive streak.

People that become truly great pros have it.  Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson had it. Larry Bird had it.  Sure, they had physical ability but everyone who is a pro has tremendous physical ability.  It’s the mental that separates them.

Brady won’t let his team lose.  Pats win by a touchdown or two.

But, today is about Sam and people like him.