It’s Simple To Care of Your Gluten Free Friends

This Sunday is the big game.  Super Bowl.  It’s become something of a national holiday.  Of course, I will be in Detroit, Michigan playing in Sam’s Game.  Read about it here.  But, I was thinking about how America entertains for the Super Bowl.  Lots of get togethers.  People come that you may or may not know.  I have been hanging out in NextSpace and at least once a week I buy donuts for the space.  One of our members is gluten free.  Gluten makes him physically ill.

I was thinking, how many people are going to have Super Bowl parties where they might not know if a guest is sensitive to gluten or not.

Enter Simple Mills.

Read their recent blogpost about 5 super easy things to make that will be safe for your gluten free friends to eat.  Plus, they taste amazing anyway so your other friends will like them too.  Most gluten free things are loaded with sugar or other garbage that makes it taste good but really isn’t good for you.

The other day, someone dropped off some Simple Mills crackers at the workspace.  I gave them to our gluten free member.  He loved them.  They are simply the best tasting gluten free cracker I have ever had.  They have a very active Facebook page where the community really contributes.  Simple Mills is also on Pinterest where you can get some really creative ideas to take care of your friends.