Thinking Bigger

Yesterday I did my normal 2.5 hours of yoga and then helped judge the Global New Venture Challenge at the Chicago Booth.  Always fun to hear a bunch of pitches that people worked hard on.

As I make my way around the Chicago/Midwestern ecosystem, I wonder something.  Are we all thinking too small?-and this includes me.  If so, what is causing it?   Is it our Midwestern pragmatism.  Is it something else.  In Silicon Valley, entrepreneurs tend to unrealistically swing for the fences.  Most flame out.  But, when they hit they hit big.

Constraints on capital in the Midwest certainly play a big role in the way entrepreneurs and venture capitalists think.

I remember reading Steve Jobs biography.  One of the things he was famous for was way over demanding things from the people that were working for him.  He was a dick about it too.  But, somehow they got done.  I am certainly not advocating for everyone to start being like Steve Jobs and being douchey.  Then making totally unrealistic demands on everyone else.

But, I do think you can tinker with your vision.

Why not you? Why not us?  Why not now?  Entrepreneurship is so hard, it’s really not worth undertaking unless you are going to go big.  If you are going to go small, that’s cool. But, then you have to change the way you do things.