Future of Fin Tech

I am always interested in what others see as the future of fin tech. Here is a short video on what some think. It’s tough to figure out the future. In this video, they talk about things that are unregulated.

No idea what happens to fin tech revolution under Trump. If he enacts a lot of things that John Allison wrote about in his book, they will be on the right track. Dodd-Frank has been a very bad law.

I’d like to see financial regulation get smart. The SEC is way overbearing as Mark Cuban found out. The CFTC has moved strongly in that direction over the past 8 years under Gary Gensler and Bart Chilton. They both need to be reigned in. More obtrusive regulation results in less competition. We need lots and lots and lots of competition.

Coinbase is finding out that the lash of the government regulator smarts. Especially when they don’t know what they are doing.

On a personal note, I am doing a down and back to Champaign today for Professor Paul Magelli’s Memorial Service. It will be a very hopeful occasion knowing the way Professor Magelli would have wanted it. It’s supposed to be 60 and sunny. Just like he liked it.

In honor of Paul, I hope a new age of financial entrepreneurship comes in the next 10 years which provide lots of competition to entrenched competitors. Already, I am seeing some pretty cool platform companies that can make things a lot better for people. We can give access to capital at cheaper and cheaper prices to more people. Barriers can be broken down-if we let it.

One thought on “Future of Fin Tech

  1. This is not my area of expertise though I was lucky to be involved with Riskalyze from the very beginning.

    What I do know is that for the majority of the general tech/business world–me included–the messaging coming out of the bitcoin/blockchain world is truly a mess.

    Petulant in fighting with no clear voice of reason.

    Are you referring to a change and innovation within or without that paradigm?

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